Single-Strand Necklace with Chalk Turquoise Pendant and Magnesite Gemstone Beads and Coral Beads

  • To prepare the pendant with a wire double loop, cut a 6-inch length of gold-filled wire.
  • Make a loop near one end, leaving a 1/4 inch stem of wire below the loop.
  • Bend the remaining wire parallel to the stem. Then make a larger loop below the first loop.
  • Thread the dragon pendant on the large loop. Bend the wire up parallel to the double stem.
  • When the long wire reaches the base of the first loop, bend it out at a right angle.
  • Put the tip of your round-nose pliers through the first loop and turn a second loop with the long wire against the first loop.
  • Then wrap the remaining wire tail around the 3 straight wires between the double loop and the pendant loop.
  • Cut off the excess wire when you reach the loop.
  • For this 18-inch necklace, cut a 24-inch length of Accu-Flex.
  • String a crimp tube at one end, pass the end through a loop on the clasp and back through the crimp.
  • Then crimp with professional-quality crimp pliers.
  • String 4-inch of turquoise drum beads over both the tail and the long wire for the back.
  • String a gold bead, 2 turquoise drums, a gold bead, 2 drums, a gold bead, 3 drums, a gold bead, 1 drum, 3 bamboo coral teardrops, and the pendant.
  • Repeat in reverse for the other half of the front.
  • Then repeat Step 4 for the back.
  • Snug up the beads on the wire and string a crimp tube.
  • Pass the end of the wire through the other clasp loop and back through the crimp and a few more beads.
  • Tighten the wire until a small loop remains around the clasp and crimp.
  • Trim the wire tails.

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