Double-Strand Bracelet with Amethyst Gemstone Beads and Sterling Silver Beads

String an amethyst bead on an eye pin. Cut off all but 3/8 inch of wire and make a loop above the stone. Repeat twice more. Cut four 4-link pieces of chain and four 6-link pieces.
Join an amethyst and a white topaz triangle at their single loop ends with a bead link. Repeat twice more.
Starting at the tab end of the clasp, join two 4-link chains to the loop on the clasp part with 1 round jumpring. Use oval jumprings to link each chain to the 2 loops on a white topaz triangle.
Link a 6-link chain to each of the loops on the amethyst triangle with oval jumprings.

Use 2 more oval jumprings to link the other end of the chain to the two loops on a white topaz triangle. Repeat this step to join the last bead group.
Use 2 oval jumprings to link the remaining 4-link chains to the 2 loops on the end amethyst triangle. Then join their ends to the clasp loop with 1 round jumpring.

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