Earrings with Marcasite Beads and Swarovski Crystal Beads

Antique flavor and next century style can be combined with marcasite and sterling silver earring findings. Create this stunning pair of earrings for yourself and none other.

For each earring, string a crystal on a ball-tip headpin. Cut off all but 3/8 inch of the wire above the bead and make a loop. Make six of these headpin dangles.
Cut a piece of wire 7/8 inches long and make a loop in the end 3/8 inch. String a crystal and make another loop above it. These loops should face the same direction. Make 17 of these eyepin dangles.
Attach a headpin dangle to the center loop on the earstud. Attach an eyepin dangle to each of the outside loops on the earstud. Open the loops on the bottom of the eyepin dangles and attach the 2 loops at the top of the fancy link. The 5 loops will be on the bottom.
Make five chains of 3 eyepin dangles and a headpin dangle.
Open the loops at the top of the chains and attach each to one of the loops on the fancy link.

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