Single-Strand Necklace with Rose Quartz Gemstone Beads

The wire wrapped gemstone necklace is created by making links with wire and tumbled gemstone beads.


Cut a 5-inch piece of 22-gauge wire or a 4-inch piece of 24-gauge (sterling silver or Gold-Filled) wire. Use rosary pliers to make a loop in the wire 1/2 inch down from one end, and wrap the 1/2 inch tail around the main wire, creating a closed loop.

Thread a rose quartz tumbled bead on the wire then create a loop in the wire at the opposite end of the bead. Slip the wire loop through the loop of the clasp, then wrap the remaining wire tail twice around the main wire.
Cross the wire over the bead to the other side of the link, loop once around the main wire and cross the wire over the bead again, returning to the opposite side of the link. Loop the tail of the wire around the main wire of the link, one link is complete.
Repeat Step 1 adding links to your necklace until you reach the desired length. Always remember to link the new piece to the previous one, link the last bead link to the clasp. Enjoy your new necklace!

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