Triple-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Black Onyx Gemstone Beads and Sterling Silver Beads

This necklace is made with three strands of gemstone beads, for different looks the necklace can be twisted loosely or tightly.

Glue the 6mm cabochons into the settings of the clasp using E6000 glue. Set aside to dry.
Cut one piece of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire determining the length by looping the Accu-Flex around your neck to a comfortable length, consider that the clasp will add some length as well. Cut two more pieces of Accu-Flex to the same length.
Slip one end of the first strand of Accu-Flex through the eye of an eyepin. Create a closed loop with the Accu-Flex by crimping the end of the wire to the main shaft. (Instructions will be included with your crimping pliers.) Repeat this step with the remaining two strands, connecting all three strands to the same eyepin.
Using a bead board, layout a row of beads in a pattern pleasing to your eye. String the beads on to the Accu-Flex, attach the end of the Accu-Flex to an eyepin (Step #3). Repeat Step #3 and #4 twice, using the same slot in the bead board. This will make all three strands the same length.
Pass the eyepin through the large side of the cones, using your rosary pliers make a loop on the end of the eyepin as it comes out of the narrow side of the cone. Before closing the loop, connect it to the clasp. Repeat Step 5 with all the ends of Accu-Flex until your necklace is complete. Enjoy your necklace!
Sesame jasper earrings: String the beads on to the headpin. Using your rosary pliers create a loop on the end of the headpin and attach it to the bottom loop of the earwires. You are done!

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