Single-Strand Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Beads and Sterling Silver Chain and Links

String a crystal on an eyepin. Bend the wire above the crystal to a 90 degree angle.
Trim the wire to 3/8 inch. Place your thumbnail in the angled section of the wire, grasp the end of the wire with round-nose pliers and turn your wrist, forming a loop above the crystal.
Hold each loop with chain-nose and flat-nose pliers, and turn the pliers until the loops are perfectly aligned. Repeat to make 12 crystal links.
Using chain-nose pliers, open a loop on a crystal link. Attach the open loop to one of the loops on the crescent and close it securely.
Repeat to attach a crystal to the remaining 3 loops on the crescent.
Open the other loop of the crystal link attached to the crescent in Step 2. Open the loop of the one below as well. Link on the matching loop of another crescent, making sure that both crescents are face up. TIP: Connecting crescents is easiest if you open the pair of loops in the same direction and attach both to the new crescent before closing either.
Connect the crystal links on the other side of the crescent to a third crescent. Attach new crystals to the remaining loops of the third crescent.
Use side-cutting pliers to cut two 6-1/2 inch lengths of chain.

Tip: Hang the end link of each cut chain on a spare headpin to be sure the chains are the same length.

Using two pair of chain-nose pliers, open a jumping. Pass the open jumpring through the last link of one length of chain and the loop of each crystal link on the end of the last crescent.

Close the jumpring tightly.
Repeat Step 5 to attach the second length of chain to the other end of the crescent centerpiece.
Make sure the chain is not twisted and the top-side of the crescents are facing up. Open a jumpring and pass it through the loop on one side of the clasp and the last link of the chain--make sure the clasp is also face up. Repeat to attach the other chain to the other loop on the clasp.

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