Brooch with Seed Beads, Thread and Twine-Crocheted Flowers

If you love to crochet, you'll love making these beaded flower brooches.

Chain 43 (Refer to the book Knit and Crochet with Beads, for an example of a chain stitch.)
Double crochet in fifth chain from hook * chain 1, skip next chain, in next chain double crochet, chain 1, double crochet, repeat from * across.
Chain 3, 5 double crochets in first chain one space *. Single crochet in next chain one space, 6 double crochets in next chain one space, repeat from * across. Fasten off, leave long tail.
Starting at one end, roll first petal to make the center of the rosette, continue rolling layer by layer to form the shape of the flower. Thread needle with the long tail on the back of the flower. Tack each layer of the flower together being careful to get each layer and not pulling the thread too tight as this will distort the shape of the flower. Keeping the same long tail in needle, lay the pin back in approximately the place you want and attach with yarn just weaving it over the pin back until secured.

Play with the size of the needle and the size of yarn; dependant on the sizes, you can make very large flowers or very small.
Use #6 seed beads. On the second row once the chain 3 has happened, start the 1st double crochet when you have two loops on the hook, and before you yarn over and pull through the last time, remove one loop from hook and place one bead on a 1.25mm steel crochet hook and pull the loop through the bead. Place the loop back on the original crochet hook and yarn over and pull through finishing the 1st double crochet. You can put beads on as many of the stitches or as few as you wish depending on how much sparkle you want to add to your flower.


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