Single-Strand Anklet with Plastic Pony Beads

Materials are optional according to your design. Above is a possible list of materials you may want to use. You can also try creating anklets with seed beads, glass, metal, or natural beads, and ending with chain and a clasp, instead of elastic cord. All instructions are the same up to the middle of Step 4.

Cut a piece of leather about 3 inches long. Fold it at the middle to make a loop. Wrap a piece of 22-gauge wire once around the ends. Insert a 2-foot length of C-Thru cord through the leather loop with equal lengths on both sides as shown. You'll trim off any excess later. Now, wrap the wire in a tight coil around both leather ends with the C-Thru cord underneath the wire wraps.
When you've made about 5 coils, twist the ends of the wire together and press flush against the wraps. Leave about 1/8 inch of twisted wire when you cut off the excess so the wire won't unwind. Place a dab of Loctite 409 gel adhesive over the wrapped leather ends and string a pony bead (or any bead with a large hole) down both C-Thru ends onto the wrapped wire, to hide the connection to the C-Thru. Hold both strands of C-Thru together and string about 1-inch of beads onto the double cord.
Then separate the cords and continue stringing beads on each to make the sides of the anklet. Use your own foot to determine where you want the beads to end. When you're done beading, tie a bulky knot after the last bead on each cord. Glue the knot and attach the side clamp-on bead tips.
To end your anklet with our elastic cord, measure about 6 inches of elastic. Fold it in half to make a doubled 3-inch strand. A different length may fit you better. Thread the elastic through both bead tip loops. Then tie the ends together with an overhand knot. Glue the knot and cut off excess cord. You've now completed a self-adjusting anklet!

If designing for a chain ending, you'll string your beads and knot at the appropriate length. Choose a strong chain. We used two hook-and-eye clasps for the back of the anklet so it would be adjustable for different size ankles. Cut a length of our chain and attach a section about 2 inches long to each bead tip with a jumpring. (The length of chain you'll use depends on the size of the anklet and where the bead strands end on the foot.) Attach the hook part of a hook-and-eye clasp to the end of each chain with another jumpring. To wear the chain anklet, put it on and attach the hooks to the opposite chain where the fit is comfortable and secure.

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