Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Beads, Delica® Seed Beads and Silver-Plated Discs

Irresistible color and sparkle! If you can work with needle and thread, you can make these fabulous embellished earrings. Swarovski crystal and sterling silver provide the glitter.
Cut a 5 foot length of thread; add a needle to the end first off the spool. Condition the thread by running it across the beeswax.
Thread on one seed bead; bring it to the end of the thread, leaving a 6-inch tail. Pass the needle back through the bead, working from bottom to top; making a loop around the bead. The bead will act like a stop.

Pass the needle through the center hole of the disc, working from the back to the front of the disc.

Pick up one seed bead, one crystal and one seed bead.

Pass the needle back down the center hole, through the seed bead on the back side. Knot the working thread and tail thread together to secure.
Pass the needle up through any hole next to the center hole, moving your design to the next circle in the disc.

Please note: the holes create concentric circles around the disc.

Pick up one seed bead, one crystal, and one seed bead; pass down the next hole in the circle.
Bring the needle up the next hole in the circle and add the same 3-bead combination. Pass the needle down the next hole in the circle. Repeat this step again, completing 3 passes. Note that you have gaps between the beads--these will be filled in next.
Bring your needle up through the first seed bead added in this row, pick up a crystal and reverse direction. Pass down through the last seed bead added in this row; you filled in one gap. Continue filling in the gaps with crystals, so you have 6 crystals in this row.

Bring your needle up through the closest hole in the last circle. Pick up three seed beads then pass your needle down through the seed bead, diagonally up and to the right--in the previous row. Bring the needle up through the next hole in the outer circle, working counter clockwise.
Pick up 2 seed beads and pass down through the same bead, in the previous row, as you did in Step 7.
Repeat Step 7 - 8 until you have gone all the way around the disc.
Work the thread under and over the threads on the back of the disc, over to the original tail. Knot the threads to secure; trim all threads.
Place the beaded disc onto the earring back, settling the top between the prongs.
Using chain-nose pliers, gently press the prongs down until they meet the top of the beaded disc.

Repeat Steps 1 - 12 to create the second earring.

The pieces featured in the Gallery of Designs are copyrighted designs and are provided for inspiration only. We encourage you to substitute different colors, products and techniques to make the design your own.

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