Earrings with Black Onyx Gemstone Beads, Swarovski Crystal Beads and Sterling Silver Beads

Beautifully hand-worked Hill Tribes toggle clasps form the foundation for another fashion-forward "black and white" design inspiration. Faceted black onyx and Swarovski bicones lend plenty of sparkle.
String 1 crystal on 1 headpin and make a wrapped loop that captures the loop on the ring side of one of the clasps.
String 1 onyx on 1 headpin and make a large wrapped loop that captures the widest portion of the clasp ring. The dangle should be able to move freely along the ring.
Cut a 1-1/2 inch length of wire. Make a wrapped loop on one end. String 1 silver round bead so that the wrapped loop is hidden within it. String 1 flower button and 1 crystal. Make a wrapped loop to secure the beads.
Attach an earwire to the last wrapped loop you made.
Repeat Steps 1 - 4 to create the second earring.

The pieces featured in the Gallery of Designs are copyrighted designs and are provided for inspiration only. We encourage you to substitute different colors, products and techniques to make the design your own.

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