Bracelet with Jasper Gemstone Beads and Sterling Silver Beads

Here's a knockout companion piece to the Jasper a Go-Go necklace: an elegant and fun bracelet made with the same brecciated jasper go-gos and hand-crafted Hill Tribes silver.
String a crimp tube and the loop of the bar side of the toggle onto the Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire. Pass the Accu-Flex beading wire back through the crimp tube; tighten the wire so there is only a small amount of wire showing between the crimp bead and the loop on the toggle; crimp the crimp bead.
String 1 silver round bead, 1 crystal, and 1 onyx bead.
String 1 go-go, thin end first. Before passing through the next hole of the go-go, string 1 flower button, 1 crystal, and 1 flower button. Pass through the thick end of the go-go.
String 1 onyx. Repeat Step 3 twice.
String 1 crystal, 1 silver round bead, 1 crimp tube, and the ring side of the clasp. Pass back through the crimp tube. Snug the beads and crimp the tube. Trim the excess wire.

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