Bracelet with Hill Tribes Fine Silver Molten Drop Beads

Not for the faint of wrist, this design uses large rings studded with silver nuggets for a glam look with class.
Slide eight silver molten beads on a beading hoop; slide clasp on hoop and eight additional silver molten beads. Note: Beads should be approximately 1/8 inch from end of wire. If they are not, either add or remove beads. Close hoop by threading wire through hole and forming a small loop with round-nose pliers. Pinch wire together to secure loop.
Slide eight silver molten beads on another beading hoop; place hoop from Step 1 on this hoop and string eight more silver molten beads. Close hoop in the same manner as before.
Continue in this same manner, attaching hoops to previous hoops until all hoops are attached. To close bracelet, attach clasp to final beaded hoop.
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