Multi-Strand Necklace with Mother-of-Pearl Beads and Amazonite Gemstone Beads

This lovely shell design looks more complicated than it is, so don't shy away! The foundation of the necklace is four 36-inch strands of cording, knotted with shells. The accent in the piece comes from four 20-inch strands of gemstones.

Determine the desired length of your necklace and cut the cord half again as long. (If you want a 36-inch necklace, then your cord would be 54 inches long) You will need a total of 4 cords.
Using one of the strands, tie a knot 4 inches from one end. Add one of the marquis shells, and tie a knot after the shell. Continue to add the shell pieces and tie knots until you reach 36 inches in length, leaving a 4-inch tail at the other end. (I suggest you tie the knots away from the shell pieces, not right up against, so that they have movement, hang freely and are spaced apart from each other.) You may also add one of the Golden Lace agate beads after every 5th shell.
Add a twisted beading needle to the end of the longer length of twine and string on one shell. Tie an overhand knot 1/2 inch from the clasp so the shell is between the clasp and the knot. If the shell slips over the knot, begin another overhand knot. Leave the loop open, insert the awl into the loop and slide the awl to the position where the knot should be tightened. Slip the awl out of the loop and tighten the twine, making a double knot.
Cut four 40'' long strands of twine.

Attach one of the strands to the clasp using an overhand knot and string the beads in a random order for 18 inches, leaving a 12-inch tail at the end. This tail will be used later to make the fringe ends at the bottom of the necklace. Repeat Step 4 for the remaining 3 strands.
Once you have the 4 strands completed, pass 2 of the 12-inch tails through the Botswana agate bead.
Cut a length of twine 20 inches long. Tie this piece of twine around the 2 tails that are coming out of the bead, making both ends approximately the same length.
Bring the tails of the remaining 2 strands around each side of the Botswana bead. Using one end of the 20-inch length of twine, tie an overhand knot around one of the tails approximately 1/2 inch from the knot at the bead. Repeat for the remaining tail. This will attach the four strands together at the bottom of the focal bead.
Using one of the 2 tails that you just tied around, string on 5 inches of beads in a random pattern ending with one 3mm gold-filled bead. Add one of the Ocean Jasper teardrops, adding one of the 3mm gold-filled beads and then adding more beads. (I used the Amazonite pebbles and 3mm gold-filled beads.) Tie off the end to the main part of the twine forming a loop with the teardrop hanging in the middle.
Add a shell marquis and tie a knot. Repeat 3 more times, tying off the end at the last shell. This will finish off the fringe with a short shell fringe. Repeat with the other tail.
Using one of the tails coming out of the bead, string on 3 inches of beads in a random pattern. Begin with a 3mm gold-filled bead and end with a 4mm gold-filled bead. Add one of the Ocean Jasper flat rectangles, one 4mm gold-filled bead and one Golden lace agate bead. Pass the twine back through the rectangle.
Repeat Step 9.
Repeat Steps 10 and 11 for the remaining tail.
Using one end of the 20-inch length of twine, add 3 of the shell marquise and tie knots after each one. Add a wooden agate bead, tie a knot, then add 3 of the shell beads, a wooden agate, 3 shell, a Wooden Agate and one shell. Tie off the end of the twine above the last shell marquis on the tail. Repeat for the remaining tail.
Add pieces of fiber or yarn randomly on the shell marquis strands both in the necklace and on the fringe strands below.

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