Single-Strand Necklace with Hill Tribes Beads and Quartz Crystal Beads

This necklace is created using simple design principles. Make each vignette as lovely as you can. Make each grouping relate to itself and to the groupings next to it. Vary the shapes. Each necklace takes on its own character.

Choose a complementary mix of beads, then group them into vignettes.
Cut 1-1/2 yards of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire.

Place a crimp on one end. String on enough Delica beads to make a loop that fits around the width of one donut--you don't want the loop to be too loose but also not too tight! Pass the beading wire through the hole of the donut, then back through the crimp bead. Crimp the bead using crimping pliers; trim any excess wire.
String on a bead that has a hole that is large enough to cover the crimp. Continue stringing a grouping of beads that makes a design statement.
Continue stringing beads, assembling the bead groupings, stringing Delica beads in between each grouping, and leaving 1 - 2 inches between each bead vignette.
Repeat Step 3 to finish this half of your necklace. Attach it to another donut.
Cut a 2-foot length of Accu-Flex beading wire.
Repeat Steps 3 - 6 to complete the second half of your necklace.
Additional Information:

The necklace shown has 2 sections of beading done to different lengths. You can have 3 or more sections, making them all the same or different lengths. You can also take this idea and make it in any colorway you like--the design is up to you!

The pieces featured in the Gallery of Designs are copyrighted designs and are provided for inspiration only. We encourage you to substitute different colors, products and techniques to make the design your own.

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