Watch with Marcasite Face and Czech Pressed Black Heart Glass Beads

A beautiful baroque style marcasite watch face and clasp meet up with Czech pressed glass beads to make a keepsake timepiece. Black glasswork and radiant sterling silver make for a classic color combination. All you need are the right pliers and your creativity.

A few tips before you begin:
  • I like to prepare several beads on headpins in advance, this makes for good work flow.
  • Always string heart beads on from the bottom, this way they will all be facing the same direction.
  • Once you have hooked the headpin to the chain you can pick the whole thing up by the headpin and will not lose your place on the chain.

A watch bracelet should fit loosely around your wrist, but not so loose that it flops around or falls off.

Add the length of the watch face and clasp together (the watch face and clasp shown equal 2-1/4 inches). Determine the length you would like your watch to be, then subtract the watch face and clasp measurement. Divide the answer by 2 to determine the length of chain you need for either side of the band. Cut your two lengths of chain; set one aside.
Add a heart bead to your headpin. With your round-nose pliers, make a hook at the end of your headpin and pass it through a link in one length of chain, working where two links intersect (the center).
Using chain-nose pliers, grip the headpin just above the bead, then complete the loop with round-nose pliers. As the loop forms and is closed, reposition the pliers so they are on the side of the loop, closer to you, holding the loop and the wire together. Continue to turn the loop, forming a second loop right next to the first, similar to a split ring. Make sure the end of the wire goes into the same place on the chain as before, giving you peace of mind that you have a secure loop and the beads won't fall off.
Attach hearts down the center of the chain, one heart per link, alternating the size of the hearts as you go.

Attaching the beads on the sides of the chain:

Once you have the middle row of hearts completed, turn the piece over to see the outside edges of chain. Attach hearts to each side of each link, alternating between sizes of hearts; this will give you a full effect.
Repeat Steps 2 - 5 using the other piece of chain.

Tip: I suggest leaving a few links on the end of one length of chain free and then using this end to attach the bar portion of your toggle clasp (Step 10). This will give you freedom to pull the toggle bar and chain through the toggle without beads getting in the way.

Now you're ready to attach the parts of the bracelet together.
Place a pair of chain-nose pliers or flat-nose pliers on each side of a jumpring; open the jumpring by moving one plier away from you and holding the other one steady.
Slip the watch face and the last link of the chain onto the open ring. To close the jumpring, bring the pliers back together, and when closing, press the sides of the ring in toward each other to give tension against the joint when the ring is closed.
Repeat Steps 7 and 8 to add the other chain to the other side of the watch face.
Use jumprings to attach both halves of the clasp to the chain (remember to attach the toggle bar to the length of chain you didn't attach beads to).

Enjoy your watch!

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