Single-Strand Necklace with Sterling Silver and Marcasite Links and Swarovski Crystal Beads

A perfect fashion solution when only the lightest touch will do! Combine intricate sterling silver and marcasite components with faceted Swarovski crystal to create a delicate necklace that defines subtle elegance. Perfectly at home with your finest evening dress, but not out of place with jeans and a sweater.
Cut two lengths of chain 6 inches long.
Using chain-nose pliers, open a jumpring and slip on the last link of one length of chain and the loop on one half of the clasp; close the jumpring. Repeat for the other length of chain and other half of the clasp.
Thread a crystal onto an eyepin. Make a simple loop (see below) to create a link (a bead with a loop on either side).
Using chain-nose pliers, open the loop on one end of the crystal link and slip on the last link of one length of chain; close the loop. Open the other loop and slip on the end-loop of a marcasite link; close the loop. Repeat until you've completed half of your necklace. Repeat for the other half of your necklace.
Open a jumpring. Slip on the end loop of the last marcasite link and one end of the marcasite pendant; close the jumpring. Repeat for the other side of the pendant, attaching it to the last loop of the last marcasite link on the other half of the necklace.
Attach crystal links to the loops on the bottom of the pendant and your necklace is finished!

How to make a simple loop:

Using round or chain-nose pliers, grip the wire above the last bead added. Bend the wire to a 90 degree angle. Using wire nippers, trim the wire to 3/8 inch. Grip the end of the cut wire with the tip of the round-nose pliers; have very little wire peaking through past the barrels of the pliers. Rotate your wrist away from your body, turning the wire into a loop. If necessary, adjust the loop so it is centered over the top of the bead.

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