Double-Strand Necklace with Fiber Art Cord and Swarovski Crystal Beads

For a look that seems more a product of glorious nature than a beading bench, check out this fantastic necklace by Marlynn McNutt. Organza ribbon, perle cotton, and fiber adornments lend the organic look, while Swarovski crystal provide the sparkle.

Pattern is done in Garter stitch, knit every row.
String all crystals on the perle cotton in the following order, using one of each in the pattern: Swarovski crystal peridot AB 4mm bicone, Swarovski crystal olivine AB 4mm bicone, Swarovski crystal topaz AB 4mm bicon, Swarovski crystal smoked topaz AB 4mm bicone, Swarovski crystal light Colorado topaz AB 4mm bicone and Swarovski crystal jonquil AB 4mm bicone. Repeat the pattern 26 times. You will have a total of 27 groups of six beads.

Strand 1

Cast on two using the fur fiber, ribbon fiber and chenille fiber from the card, as well as the perle cotton. Leave a tail approximately 12 inches. Knit two.
Row 1 - 18: Knit all rows
Row 19: Slide six beads along the perle cotton up to the needle. Leave a little length in the perle cotton so that the beads droop. Knit two.
Row 20: Knit two.
Row 21 - 75: Repeat rows 19 and 20, sliding beads on every other row.
Row 76 - 94: Repeat rows 1 - 18. Cast off. Leave a tail approximately 12 inches.

Strand 2

Using the crochet hook and fur fiber, ribbon fiber and chenille fiber from the card, chain 56. Finish off.
Using a magnetic needle and one yard of perle cotton, sew the crystals to the chain strand. Sew on seven beads at a time, using the same pattern as the first strand and adding the crystal double aurum AB 4mm bicone. Attach thread between the eighth and ninth chains, bring needle up between the two stitches, add seven beads, stitch between the next two stitches and add beads. Repeat using all 14 of the sets of beads. Finish off the thread.
Divide the strands of fiber from the knit portion of the necklace and from the crochet portion. Lay the pieces with the crochet portion over the knit portion and spread the divided fibers apart. Cut one 24-inch length each of olive ribbon and gold ribbon and fold them in half. Lay the middle of the ribbon in between the spread fibers. Pick up both sets of fibers and tie them together around the ribbon, securing the ribbon among the fibers. This will tie behind your neck and act as the clasp. You may leave a few shorter fiber lengths to lay around the tie.

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