Triple-Strand Necklace with Coins, Swarovski Crystal Nickel-Plated Chain Links and Silver Findings

Create a fashion-forward ''found objects'' look with this sparkling coin necklace. With plenty of eye-catching glitter and a graceful drape, this project is sure to produce compliments. Our own Stephanie Girdlestone takes you through the process.

Turning the Coins into Dangles

Select the desired coins for this project. Note: Coins that are lightweight and thinner are easier to punch holes in for hanging.
Determine if the coins need to have one or two holes punched and where you'd like them.
Punch holes using the steel hole punch tool.
Place a coin onto a jumpring, to be used later as dangle. Add other findings, chain, coins and crystals to jumprings for use later as well. Feel free to use varied items to create interesting drops. This is a good place to use those "one of a kind" pieces you've picked up here and there.
Making pearl drops

Using wire cutters, trim the pin on the bead holder to about 1/4 inch. Place the pearl onto the pin to see if this will be a good length. If the pearl doesn't sit flush; trim the pin a little further.
Add a drop of adhesive to the pin, place a half-drilled pearl onto the pin and let set.
Link a jumpring through the loop on the bead holder, so you can attach the pearl drop to the chain later.
Assembling and embellishing the Main Chain

Open the jumprings on the end of the curb chain and remove the clasp. Replace the claps with the decorative coin clasp.
Hang the chain on a display head or other form that can hold the necklace for you while you work on it. This will make attaching the drops easier as the chain tends to flip, and if it does, you may attach your drops to the "wrong" edge of the chain, causing things to lie incorrectly.
Place a coin on a jumpring; repeat to complete 6. On the chain, measure 7 inches down from the clasp; link 3 jumpring/coin combinations at this point. Repeat on the other side so each side mirrors the other.
Find the center of the chain between the coins added in Step 10 and place a jumpring with a dangle or drop linked on. As this will be the focal point of the necklace, the drop you choose should be the longest and also the most ornate.
Fill in the remaining sections of empty chain with dangles and pearl drops. Be creative here. Anything works. You can add as many or as few drops as you like or feel comfortable with. Have fun!
Creating the Secondary Chain

Simply cut chain to desired length and attach with jumprings to the main chain, about 6 inches down from the clasp on each side.
Creating the Third Chain

Using the steel hole punch, punch a hole on each side of the coins.
Link a jumpring through a hole on the coin; close the jumpring. Link a jumpring through the other hole on the same coin, then link the next coin on as well; close the jumpring. Continue to link coins together in a pattern that's pleasing to you until you have the length you like. Attach it to the first, main chain, if you'd like, or keep it separate to wear with your other coin chain, or on its own.

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