Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Jet Cubes and Sterling Silver Chain

It's that easy to create your own, fashionable earrings ... for a lot less money. Change out the color of crystal or the shape, and add more lengths of chain for limitless design possibilities. And now that you know this technique, you can create accessories to match every outfit! And have more money for clothes. And shoes. And handbags. And everything.

Cut six lengths of chain: two 1-inch, two 1-1/2 inch and two 2-inch lengths. Open six jumprings using round-nose pliers, attach one jumpring to the end of each chain and close each jumpring.

Thread a Swarovski Crystal onto a headpin. Using the tip of the round-nose pliers, bend the wire, above the crystal, to a 90 degree angle. Using the side-cutting pliers, trim the wire to 3/8 inch. Grip the tip of the cut wire with the round-nose pliers. Rotate your wrist to form a loop so it rests above the crystal. Repeat to create five more, for a total of six.
Using the chain-nose pliers, open the loop above one crystal--lifting it up, not out, to undo the circular loop. Slip the last link of the shortest segment of chain onto the open loop; close the loop. Repeat, adding a length of chain to each of the loops made in Step 1.
Open the loop on the bottom of the earwire, opening it the same way you opened the loops in Step 2. Slip on the jumpring on the top of the chain segments in the following order: 1-inch; 1-1/2 inch and 2-inch; close the loop on the earwire to secure all the jumprings. Repeat with the other earwire.

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