Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads

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Cut 8 pieces of 0.6 mm wire 6.5 cm long and 8 pieces 3.5 cm long.
Using the round-nose pliers bend one end of each piece of wire to make a loop.
  • Thread 20 beads onto each of the 8 longer pieces of wire. Then bend another loop on each of these pieces of wire, which should be as close as possible to the last bead. If the wire is too long, shorten it using the side cutters.
  • The two loops on each of the long pieces of wire must be in line with one another and point in the same direction.
  • Thread 9 beads onto each of the 8 shorter pieces of wire and bend another loop.
  • In comparison with the existing loop on the other end of each piece of wire, this new loop must be rotated through 90 degrees.
  • Make the ''square'' that will act as the connecting element in the center of the earring. To do this, you need a piece of the 0.6 mm wire about 15 cm long.
  • Bend a loop at one end using the round-nose pliers and thread 9 beads onto the wire. Bend a loop using the round-nose pliers and thread another 9 beads onto the wire, continue throughout.
  • To close the square, bend the end of the wire once around the beginning.
  • For one pair of earrings, you also need 2 rings with an approximate diameter of 4mm.
Pick up each French ear wire with the flat-nose pliers and bend the jumpingend so that it is at 90 degrees to the earhook.
  • Assemble the earring.
  • For each long piece open one loop. Then hang each piece in the according loops of the square.
Bring the other ends of the long pieces of wire together into a pyramid shape by threading them one after another onto the 90 degree loop on the earring hook.
Hang each of the four short pieces of wire (threaded with 9 beads) from the four loops on the long pieces of wire.
Bring the short pieces of wire together into a small pyramid shape by threading them onto the jumpring.

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