Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals® and Sterling Silver Chain

Brighten up your winter blues with stunning sparkle that will shine throughout the frosty season. Swarovski crystal snowflakes, a ready-to-wear sterling silver bracelet and some jump rings are all you need to embrace the winter season in style.

Using two pairs of chain-nose pliers, open all 5 jump rings. Gently slide one end of a jump ring through a crystal snowflake pendant, leaving the jump ring open. Repeat for the remaining four pendants.
Beginning three to four links in from one end of the clasp, string one of the jump rings onto the chain link and close using both pairs of chain-nose pliers.
Repeat Step 2, beginning three to four links in from the other end of the clasp. Evenly space the remaining three pendants throughout the rest of the bracelet. Attach and close the jump rings.

Pair with a cozy isle snowflake sweater and faded blue jeans--or your favorite black dress--and prepare to hail in the compliments.

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