Single-Strand Necklace with Glass Ribbon Focal Component and Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs

Personalize a green awareness ribbon necklace representing your support of lymphoma and muscular dystrophy with sparkling green Swarovski crystal flat backs for a sensational statement.

Using the scissors, cut an 18-inch length of light beige cording.
Starting from the top of the ribbon, on the half that overlaps the other half, place a small amount of Jewel Bond about 10mm down from the center. Place a 2.6mm peridot crystal onto the Jewel Bond. Repeat to add the following peridot crystals, spacing them evenly apart:
  • One 2.6mm crystal
  • Two 3.2mm crystals
  • Two 3.9mm crystals
  • Two 4.8mm crystals
Working on the half of the ribbon that crosses behind the other half, starting from 10mm from center, working until you meet the overlapping half of the ribbon, apply the following emerald crystals one 2.6mm crystal and two 3.2mm crystals. Starting again after the overlapping ribbon, on the lower area, apply one 3.9mm crystal, and one 4.8mm crystal.
String the cord through the ribbon pendant and center on the cord. Tie an overhand knot using both cords and position the knot close to the pendant.
Place a small amount of Jewel Bond into one half of the cord end then place onto one end of the cord. Hold the cord in position for a minute until the glue sets up; carefully set aside.

Repeat to attach the second half of the cord tip to the other end of the cord.
Using two pairs of chain-nose pliers, open a 5mm jumpring then pass it through the loop on the hook-half of the clasp and one of the cord ends. Close the jumpring.

Repeat to attach the loop end of the clasp to the other cord end
Allow the glue to cure for 24 hours before wearing your necklace.

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