Bracelet with Sterling Silver Charms and Turquoise Gemstone Beads

Using two pairs of chain-nose pliers, open one jumpring. Pass the open ring through the loop of the peace pipe charm and the center link of the bracelet. Close the jumpring. The link you choose will determine the center of the bracelet.
Continue to attach the charms using jumprings, starting from the peace pipe and working your way toward one end, alternating between large and small charms. Make sure all the charms face the same way and are positioned at the bottom of each link.
Thread a turquoise rondelle onto one headpin and pass the headpin through the bottom of the second loop on the bracelet, passing from the back to the front. The head of the pin will be on the back side of the bracelet.

Add a second turquoise rondelle to the same headpin. The rondelle will now be resting on the front of the bracelet. Using the tip of the round-nose pliers, grip the end of the headpin and rotate your wrist away from you, making a small loop.
Using the chain-nose pliers, grip across the loop made in Step 4 and begin rolling the wire into a flat coil. The loops should rest next to each other, not on top of each other. Continue to roll the coil until it touches the turquoise rondelle and holds both in place. Use the chain-nose pliers to bend the coil over the top of the turquoise rondelle so that it lies flat.
Continue to add the headpins and turquoise rondelles to each remaining loop for the length of the bracelet, coiling the ends of each of the headpins and bending them flat. Do not add turquoise rondelles to the last loop. Make sure that all of the coils are on the front of the bracelet.

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