Earrings with Swarovski Crystal

Using the wire cutters, cut a 2-inch length of chain (or 13 links).
Using two pairs of chain-nose pliers, open a jumpring and pass it through the hole on top of a Swarovski column and the last link on one end of the chain. Close the jumpring.

Place the following onto a paddle headpin: one sterling silver beaded rondelle, one Swarovski light grey opal AB2X 6mm bicone, one sterling silver beaded rondelle and a sterling silver 2.5mm seamless-look round bead.

Place the tip of the round-nose pliers above the last bead, then bend the wire to the right at a 90 degree angle.

Rotate the pliers to the right so one barrel is above the wire and one is below. Bring the wire up and over the pliers until the wire is pointing down.

Rotate the pliers to the left, keeping the one barrel in the loop that is forming the loop. Bring the wire fully around the pliers so the wire is back out at a 90 degree angle and the wire is fully wrapped around the barrel of the pliers in a neat circle.

Remove the round-nose pliers.

Using chain-nose pliers, gently lift the wire so the loop is open. Slip on the last link of the chain to the right or left of the jumpring added in Step 2. Close the loop back down capturing the link in the chain.

Using chain-nose pliers, grip across the loop, being careful not to crush the link of chain or the jumpring. Using the other pair of chain-nose pliers, grip the tip of the wire and begin wrapping the wire around the length of wire showing between the loop and the last bead.

Wrap for 2 - 3 revolutions. Use the wire cutters to trim any excess wire, then use the tip of the chain-nose pliers to tuck in any sharp end.
Continue to create beaded dangles using an assortment of headpins and beads, adding them to the chain, until it's as full as you'd like.
Using chain-nose pliers, open the loop on the bottom of the earwire. Slip on the top link of the length of chain, then close the loop on the earwire.

Repeat Steps 1 - 6 to make the second earring.

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