Ring with Apoxie® and Swarovski Crystal Xilion Chaton


Mix Two-Part Epoxy

Mark one pack A and the other B. Slice off equal amounts from packs A and B. Roll into similarly-sized round shapes. Then knead parts A and B together for exactly two minutes.

Note: When mixing is complete, color will be uniform throughout.

Note: Wrap remaining components of Apoxie® sculpt in an airtight package.

Shape and Adhere

Ensure the surface you are applying Apoxie® sculpt is free of dust, dirt and oil. Work into your desired setting or onto the embellishment surface.

Note: To aid manipulation and avoid sticking, fingers and tools should be kept moistened with water.

Designing and Curing

Use tweezers to set flat back crystals or other stones into the Apoxie® sculpt which remains pliable for up to 2 - 3 hours. Dries at room temperature in 3 - 4 hours, and cures in 5 - 10 hours, depending on the thickness.

The pieces featured in the Gallery of Designs are copyrighted designs and are provided for inspiration only. We encourage you to substitute different colors, products and techniques to make the design your own.

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