Earrings with Silver Art Clay® and Sterling Silver Jump Rings

Art Clay Paper works just like regular paper. It can be folded, cut with scissors, embossed and just about anything else you can do with paper. This pair of earrings makes use of the Art Clay Paper in a weave, which is reminiscent of a project done in elementary school using construction paper. The finished result here is a fine-silver pair of earrings, a lot different from the construction-paper version, although just as easy.

Measure and, using a beading awl, lightly score a line 1-inch in from an edge of the Art Clay Paper. Using scissors, cut along the scored line. Measure and lightly score a line 1-inch from the short edge of the strip. Cut along the scored line to create a 1-inch by 1-inch square which will be the base for one of the woven earrings.

Repeat, cutting a second 1-inch by 1-inch square from the 1-inch strip for the second earring.

Trim the leftover 1-inch wide section into eight strips, 2mm wide, and put aside.
Ruler used as a guide for scoring a straight line.
On a 1-inch by 1-inch square, measure in 3mm from two adjacent edges. Using the point of the awl, gently place a mark at the cross point. Repeat for all four corners. Using the awl, lightly score a line between the marks on two corners.

Repeat, making a parallel line between two other corners.
Turn the square and draw a line between two corners, perpendicular to the lines drawn in Step 2. Measure down 3mm and draw a line parallel to the first. Repeat until you join the marks between the other two corners.
Carefully, using a craft knife or the point of a super slicer bade, cut along the lines drawn in Step 3--do not pass the lines drawn in Step 2. The 3mm perimeter around the square will act like a frame for the weave. Repeat Steps 2 - 4 using the second 1-inch by 1-inch square.
Using an under-over pattern, weave one 2mm strip through the slits in one 1-inch by 1-inch square of paper.
Slide the first woven strip to the end of the slits and begin weaving a second strip, alternating the under-over pattern from the first strip.
Repeat to weave in four strips, tightening the strips up as you go, making sure the edges of each strip are flush to the edges of the square, and finishing with even spacing between each strip.
Place the point of a beading awl on one corner. Gently push on the awl until it pierces a hole in the paper.
Lift the square off of the work surface and, working carefully and gently so you don't tear the paper, push the awl through the hole further, enlarging the hole until it is about 1mm wide (you will be putting a jump ring through this hole after the art clay paper design is fired).

Repeat Steps 5 - 9 using the second 1-inch by 1-inch square and remaining 2mm strips.
Place both woven designs into a cold kiln. Fire the design at the manufacturer's recommended temperature and for the recommended hold time. Let the kiln cool to room temperature. Remove the cooled earrings from the kiln.
Using the flat side of a jewelers file, gently file the corners of each earring so they are slightly rounded.
Place one design on the rubber block. Using the steel-wire brush, gently brush both sides of the design until it is fully burnished. Repeat for the second design.
Apply a dab of Pikal Care metal polish to a soft lint-free cloth. Gently rub the polish over the entire surface of the earring. Using a clean lint-free cloth, rub the polish off of the design. Repeat for the second design.

Rinse the designs in warm soapy water to clean off any remaining polish.
Using a pair of chain-nose and flat-nose pliers, open a jump ring. Put the jump ring through the hole in a design, then close the jump ring.
Open a second jump ring and put it through the first jump ring and the loop on the bottom of an ear wire. Close the jump ring.

Repeat Steps 14 - 15 to complete the second earring.

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