Earrings with Lampworked Glass Beads and Sterling Silver Beads

Using your round-nose pliers, roll the tip of each petal on a silver-plated end cap downwards slightly so the bead cap resembles a flowering blossom.
String onto one silver-plated headpin:
  • 5x1mm sterling silver rondelle
  • 4mm flower bead cap
  • 12mm filigree bead cap
  • Rolled petal end cap from Step 1
  • Red lampworked glass rondelle
  • 4mm flower bead cap
  • Antiqued silver-plated copper beaded snowflake rondelle
  • 6mm scalloped bead cap
  • Argentium seamless round
  • 6mm scalloped bead cap
Create a wrapped loop by grasping the headpin with the round-nose pliers above the last bead strung onto the headpin. With your free hand, bend the top of the wire over the barrel of the pliers, to form a 90 degree angle.
Place the pliers into the angled section, vertically, so one barrel is above and one is below the wire. Bring the wire up and over the top barrel of the pliers so it is now facing down at an angle.
Reposition the pliers so they are horizontal again, with one barrel in the loop and one out and to the right. With chain-nose pliers, or your free hand, grasp the tip of the wire and direct it behind the length of wire extending below the loop you just created.
Grip across the loop with a pair of bent chain-nose pliers. Grasp the tip of the wire with flat-nose pliers and wrap it around the straight length of wire, starting from below the loop and working toward the beads, making approximately three tightly wound wraps. Using the side cutting pliers, trim any excess wire, then press in the cut end with chain-nose pliers.
Using the flat-nose pliers, grasp the open side of the loop on the earwire and gently twist it open (similar to opening a jumpring). Pass the open loop through the loop formed above the beads. Close the loop.
Repeat Steps 1 - 7 to make the second earring.

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