Earrings with Malaysia ''Jade'' Beads, Hand-Blown Glass Beads and Sterling Silver Bead Caps

String one of each onto one silver-plated headpin:
  • 4mm green Malaysia ''jade'' bead
  • 3-1/2mm bead cap
  • 6-8mm ribbed bead cap
  • Green/brown hand-blown glass rondelle bead
  • Sterling silver beaded round bead cap
  • Sterling silver rondelle
  • 6-8mm ribbed bead cap
  • 6mm red Malaysia ''jade'' bead
  • 6-8mm ribbed bead cap
  • Sterling silver rondelle
  • 3-1/2mm bead cap
  • 4mm red Malaysia ''jade'' bead
  • 3-1/2mm bead cap
With the round-nose pliers, grasp the headpin approximately 1/8 inch above the bead cap and make a 90 degree bend in the wire. rotate the pliers to an upright position, still grasping the wire, and pull the end of the wire around the top of the pliers toward you making a half loop. Replace the top jaw of the pliers with the bottom jaw, then continue to form the wire around the pliers until you have a full loop and the end of the headpin is facing away from you.
Keep the round-nose pliers in the loop and, with the chain-nose pliers, grip the end of the wire. Slowly wrap the end of the wire around the headpin starting at the bottom of the loop wrapping downward tightly until you reach the bead. Approximately 2 to 3 wraps. Use side-cutting pliers to snip off any excess wire.
Using the flat-nose pliers, grasp the open side of the loop on the earwire and gently twist open. Hang the strung beads onto the loop and gently twist the loop closed.
repeat Steps 1 - 4 to make the second earring.

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