Earrings with Czech Pressed Glass Beads and Spacers

String one hole in one 21x5mm spacer onto one 1-inch headpin then form a simple loop. Repeat to attach a headpin to the opposite end and an eyepin to the center hole on the spacer.
Attach one 6mm jumpring to six red 15.5x5mm daggers. Attach a 4.5mm jumpring to 24 10x3mm cobalt daggers and 24 white 10x3mm daggers.
Pass one 4.5mm jumpring through one white dagger, one red dagger and one white dagger then close.

Use one 4.5mm jumpring to connect one white dagger, the previous jumpring and one white dagger. Repeat to connect a set of two blue daggers to the previous jumpring.

Continue to connect one blue dagger, the previous jumpring, a second blue dagger and the loop on one headpin attached to the spacer.
Repeat to attach a dagger cluster to the other two loops on the same side of the spacer. Attach one fishhook earwire to the loop on the opposite side of the spacer.
Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to create a second earring.

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