Single-Strand Necklace with Mother-of-Pearl Shell Bead, Czech Fire-Polished Glass Beads and Wirework

Creating the Pendant

Cut two 12-inch lengths of 20 gauge Zebra Wire™ and one 18-inch length of 2.2mm cable chain.
Create a wrapped loop at the end of one length of wire.

String a mother-of-pearl 20mm flat round bead onto the wire.
Wrap the end of the second length of wire just below the wrapped loop created in Step 2.
Create loops and curves in the design of your choice on the wire added in Step 3, gradually bringing the wire to the wire exiting the opposite side of the bead.

Note: Add faceted round beads to the wire as it suits your design, being sure to loop or curve the wire to secure the bead(s) in place.
Wrap the wire being worked in Step 4 around the straight end of the wire added in Step 2, snug against the bead.
On the back of the bead, create loops and curves with both wires in the designs of your choice, gradually bringing the wires to the top of the bead.

Note: For both design details and additional security, you may wish to loop through and/or around previously created loops near the top of the bead during this step.

Assembling the Necklace

Use a 6x2mm ice-pick bail to attach the wrapped loop of the pendant to the 18-inch length of cable chain.
Use a 4mm jumpring to attach a 5.5mm jumpring to one end of the chain.

Repeat to attach a lobster claw clasp to the opposite end of the chain.

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