Single-Strand Necklace with Seed Beads, Czech Fire-Polished Glass Beads and Dichroic Glass with Rhinestones Focal

Using scissors, cut seven 46-inch lengths of crystal FireLine®. Thread onto one length of FireLine, one J-shaped needle.
Mix the size 11/0 emerald green seed beads, twenty-three 3mm cobalt fire-polished beads, seventeen light cobalt fire-polished beads, and forty 3mm gold-plated beads into the Speedy Stringer bowl.
String a 36-inch length of beads onto the first strand of thread. Pass the needle back through the first five beads on the strand. Pull the thread tight creating a continuous loop. Tie a double half-hitch knot on each end of the thread. Place a small amount of adhesive on each knot. Trim the thread at the knots.

Repeat to create seven strands of beads.
Place the first twister clasp through the center of the seven strands of beads and the hole of the dichroic glass focal piece. Twist the seven strands, then attach the second twister clasp to the end of the strands and the focal piece.

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