Shoes with Swarovski Crystal

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Print and cut out the pattern and place it over the front part of the shoe where you want the Swarovski crystal to be attached. Pin it onto the shoe as shown in the illustrations.

Cut 50cm nylon thread (0.3mm) and melt one end to a ball. Thread it onto a needle and insert the needle through the shoe as shown in the illustration. Slide 13 Swarovski XILION Beads art. 5328 Crystal Satin onto the thread then pierce the needle through the next marked points on the pattern. Insert another 13 XILION Beads Crystal Satin. Repeat this twice to get a total of 4 loops onto the pattern.

For the second row of Swarovski crystal come out with the needle at the point shown in the illustrations and insert 1 XILION Bead 3mm Siam, 14 XILION Beads 3 mm Greige and again 1 XILION Beads 3mm Siam onto the nylon thread. Pierce the needle back in at the point shown in the illustration. Repeat this three more times to get 3 more loops onto the pattern. Come out with the thread at the point shown in the illustration to the next circle that is blue in colour.

This will be your third row of crystals. Slide 1 XILION Bead 3 mm Siam, 13 XILION Beads 4mm Light Grey Opal and 1 XILION Bead 3mm Siam on to the nylon thread. Be sure to move this thread in between and then behind the loop of Swarovski crystal from the previous row and come back to the front leaving exactly 3 spokes in between. Pierce back in the shoe through to the point shown in the illustration in this step. Repeat the step to complete one more loop by skipping three more spokes before coming out with the needle and begin inserting the crystals. In this part of the row you have to go through one of the loops from the previous row, (please refer to the illustrations closely to avoid any mistakes during the process). For the next row come out exactly at the spoke next to the point where you started in the last row (again, see illustrations in this step for clarification).

Repeat step 4 exactly the same way and once you complete the 4th row come out at the point shown in the first picture in this step and work your way out exactly like the 4th step to get the 5th row. You should be very careful about the fact that you should go through one of the previous loops in each row for each new loop in each row. Once you have completed the fifth row bring the threaded needle to the back side, make 3 back stitches, a double knot and melt the rest of the thread ends into balls.

Pull out the pattern paper with the help of tweezers as depicted in the illustrations in this step.

Repeat steps 1-6 one more time to create the flower designed with XILION Beads from the Swarovski crystal assortment for the second shoe.

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