Single-Strand Necklace with Fire Crackle Agate Gemstone Drops and Focals, Sterling Silver Bails and Swarovski Crystal Beads

Creating Crystal Rings

Using wire cutters, cut a 4-inch length of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire. String 12 Swarovski crystals onto the wire. Add one black brass crimp then pass the other end of the wire through the crimp to form a circle.

Tighten up the wire so there is very little space between the crystals and the crimp. Use crimping pliers to crimp in place. Make certain the crimp is secure. Using flush-cutters, trim the ends of the wire close to the crimp.

Repeat to create two more rings with 12 crystals (small ring). Repeat to create one ring with 15 crystals (medium ring). Repeat to create three rings with 19 crystals (large ring)--you may find you want to cut a 5-inch length of Accu-Flex® when forming these three.

Set all 7 crystal rings aside for later use.

Creating the Chainmaille Section to Connect the Focal

Using a pair of flat-nose pliers and chain-nose pliers, close four small jumprings. Open one large jumpring. Thread the large ring through the four small jumprings. Close the large jumpring.

Separate the four small jumprings into pairs. Add a large open ring to each pair. Close them each securely.

Open two small rings and thread them through the two large rings just added. This connector now resembles a pretzel shape.

Creating the Focal Pendant with Bail

Open two small jumprings. Add them to the soldered rings of the large donut bail. Close securely. Open one large jumpring.

Add components to the face of the donut bail in this order: small oval agate donut, 3 crystal rings--large, medium, small.

Thread the donut bail through the opening of the slice from front to back, maintaining the oval donut and crystal rings in the order you placed them.

Pass the large open jumpring through the two small jumprings connected to the bail. Close the large jumpring securely.

Open the large jumpring from the chainmaille segment made in Step 2. Add the constructed focal to this large open ring.

The Right Side of the Necklace

Separate the legs of a medium-sized bail, enough that you can pass it through an agate go-go. Place one closed large jumpring in the hole of the medium-sized agate go-go. Place one 19-bead crystal ring on top of the go-go hole. Thread the opened medium-sized donut bail through the go-go hole, closed jumpring and crystal ring. Press the legs of the bail back together so the loops on the ends are even.

Position the medium-sized bail so it is on the left side of the go-go. Thread a small-sized donut bail through the right side of the go-go hole, closed ring and crystal ring.

Open the large closed jumpring on the upper right side of the chainmaille segment. Pass the open ring through the two soldered loops on the medium-sized donut bail from the assembly just made. Open a new large jumpring then thread it through the loops of the small-sized donut bail. Close the jumpring securely.
Open a large jumpring and add it to the broad sides of 2 hidden loop bails, making sure the bails are each facing the same way. Close the ring securely.
Thread the small open loop of one hidden loop bail through the closed jumpring connected to the loops of the small donut bail from Step 4. Gently close the small open loop of the bail.
Open a new large jumpring. Add in this order: one small agate go-go and one small 15-bead crystal ring. Add the large jumpring in between the two hidden loop bails from Step 5. Close securely.

Creating a 3-Bead Station

Cut a 2-inch piece of 20 gauge sterling silver half-hard wire. Form a simple loop at one end, add three beads in this order: 8mm round agate, 8mm Swarovski crystal rondelle and flat oval camo bead. Trim the wire and form a simple loop to secure the beads in place.

Open a large jumpring. Add it to the simple loop closest to the 8mm round agate in the 3-bead station just created and the small loop of the hidden loop bail from Step 5. Close the jumpring securely.
Repeat Step 5.

Add this set of bails to the second simple loop of the 3-bead station in Step 8.
Repeat Step 8 to create another 3-bead station. Open one simple loop and add to the last hidden loop bail in Step 9.

Adding the Toggle Clasp

Open a large jumpring. Add the simple loop of the second 3-bead station and the loop on the ring portion of the toggle clasp. Close the ring securely.

Open one small jumpring. Add the loop on the bar half of the clasp and two small jumprings. Close the jumpring securely. Add two small jumprings to the two small jumprings already in place.

The Left Side of the Necklace

Repeat Steps 4 - 11 to create the second half of the necklace in a mirror image of the first, and to add the bar half of the toggle clasp.

The necklace measures approximately 18 inches long, plus the focal pendant. Create more bead stations to add for a longer length.

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