Napkin Ring with Swarovski Crystal

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Cut a piece of cardboard into a circle to the measurements as shown in the illustration.
Cut nine 100cm pieces of bast fiber. Wrap the bast around the cardboard as you see in illustration. Attach the end of first strip and second strip with 3 simple knots. Repeat this step 8 times all around the card board circle.
Cut five 15cm pieces of bast fiber. Slide one piece into the Fancy Stone 4737 14mm and make a knot.
Split one end of bast into two pieces.
Make a knot on the right side of the Fancy Stone. Repeat on the other side. Repeat steps 3-5 with 2nd Fancy Stone 4737 14mm.
With another 15cm bast piece knot together one Fancy Stones 4439 and one 4139. Knot both ends on either side of each crystal as shown in the illustration.
Attach another 15cm bast piece with two knots onto one Fancy Stone 4439 as you see in the illustration. Repeat this Step with another Fancy Stone 4439.

Place the crystals on the napkin holder as you see in illustration. Wrap the bast ends around the napkin holder and attach them with a double knot.
Cut 7cm of 0.25mm nylon thread and melt the end into a small ball with the lighter. Slide onto the thread the beads 5328 and 5000 as shown in the illustration. Burn the end of the nylon thread after last bead. Repeat this Step 11 times with the beads you see in the illustration.
Cut 300cm of 0.25mm nylon thread and wrap it around napkin ring. Attach both ends with a double knot and wrap the long end around the napkin holder as shown.

Slide onto nylon thread the first string of crystals. For small crystal strings go through all beads except the last one. For longer strings leave out the last three beads. Continue wrapping the nylon thread around the napkin holder and slide on all bead strings as you see in the illustration. When all the bead strings are attached to the napkin ring make a double knot with both nylon thread ends and cut off the rest with flush-cutter.

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