Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Drops and Sterling Silver Charms

Position the 17x16.5mm sterling silver heart charm into an opening on the steel hole punch. Twist the handle of the punch until a hole is punched out of the bottom point of the charm.
Lay the 17x16.5mm sterling silver heart charm flat on the surface of a steel bench block or stable work surface.

Using the checkered texture side of a texture hammer, strike the surface of the 17x16.5mm sterling silver heart charm until desired texture is achieved.
Place a heart steel punch onto the heart charm. Strike the end of the punch with the flat head of a ballpeen hammer. Repeat to add hearts where you'd like.
Use Patina Gel according to instructions to blacken the heart symbols then polish away excess patina with a 400-grit polishing paper.
Open the loop on one sterling silver fishhook earwire then pass it through the top loop of the 17x16.5mm sterling silver heart charm. Close the loop.
Open one 9mm silver-plated jumpring and pass it through the bottom hole on the 17x16.5mm sterling silver heart charm and one 18mm Swarovski faceted heart drop. Close the jumpring.

Repeat Steps 1 - 6 to create the second earring.

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