Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Drops and Silver-Plated Heart Chain Extenders

Cut the top heart link off of one 33mm silver-plated heart chain extender.
Open one 9mm silver-plated jumpring and attach it to the bottom loop of the heart link and one 12mm Swarovski wild heart drop. Close the jumpring.
Open one 6mm silver-plated jumpring and pass it through one Swarovski 17mm Crazy 4 U Heart drop and the bottom ring of the chain extender. Close the jumpring.
Open one 6mm silver-plated jumpring and pass it through the top ring of the chain extender, the top loop of the silver-plated heart link and the loop on one 15mm sterling silver fishhook earwire. Close the jumpring.

Repeat Steps 1 - 4 to create the second earring.

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