Hair Pin with Swarovski Crystal

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Tie a piece of lace over the Fancy Stone article 4827 28mm fuchsia from the Swarovski crystal assortment as shown in the illustration.
Tie the lace around the fancy stone with a piece of ribbon and a single knot as shown.
Cut a 0.15mm piece of 0.5m nylon thread and stitch around the gathered lace. Cut off the excess lace.
Trace and cut out the outline of the Swarovski crystal setting from the leather. Place it into the setting as shown in the illustrations.
Lay the piece of organza over the setting and push it through. Place the lace covered fancy stone into the setting and bend the prongs over to secure the crystal.
Draw a 9.5cm circle onto a piece of paper and cut it out.
Apply double sided tape onto the cut out paper and attach the setting onto the paper circle exactly in the middle. Cut out in the shape of the circle. Cut a 1m piece of 0.15mm nylon thread and stitch all around the circle with simple stitches. Pull it all together in a way that all of it gathers in the center. Connect it with the leather piece at the back of the setting as shown in the illustrations with this step.
Cut out a 1.5cm circle piece of leather. Glue it exactly in the center where the stitches from previous step are. Glue the barrette onto the leather piece.

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