Multi-Strand Necklace with Swarovski Crystal and Dione® Large-Hole Beads

Using flush-cutters, cut one 4-inch length of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire and four 24-inch lengths of Silkon® thread.
Place a bead stopper on the ends of two 24-inch lengths of #3 green Silkon thread. Thread a Wide-Eye Needle™ onto the opposite end of the thread and string 22 inches of Swarovski crystal light green 3mm round pearls on each length of thread.
Pass both strands of pearls through the center of one Swarovski crystal bronze shade 38mm round disk pendant focal. Bring all four ends of the thread together; remove bead stopper and string onto all four ends of thread and over the strung pearls, two Dione gold-finished and crystal AB rondelle beads. Secure all four thread ends with bead stopper.
Using E-6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive glue the rondelle beads securely in place approximately 1/2 inch above the 38mm round disk pendant focal.
Tie all four ends of thread together in an overhand knot. Use a 4-inch length of Accu-Flex to feed the tied ends of thread through the bar inside the clasp's bell end cap. Knot and glue thread ends securely inside the bell end cap.

Repeat Steps 2 - 5 using Swarovski crystal dark green 3mm round pearls to complete the second half of the necklace.

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