Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Antiqued Gold-Plated Brass Beads and Focals, Czech Glass Druk Beads and Acrylic Bead

Place round-nose pliers in the center of a filigree teardrop then bend each side downward so they curve around the pliers.

If needed, after you have established a nice curve to the sides, use chain-nose pliers to bend the sides farther around.

Note: The round-nose pliers help in creating a curve, which is appealing, but they also help prevent a sharp bend, which could crack the filigree.
Using hole punch pliers place a hole in the first large bump on the small end of the filigree drop.
Place the flat-nose pliers below the hole and between the 1st and 2nd large bump in the filigree, then bend the end so it is at a 90 degree angle creating a filigree wing.
Cut three 4-inch lengths of bronze wire. Using round-nose pliers create a simple loop on one end of one wire. String onto the wire one 4mm purple satin bead and four 6mm purple beads.
Slide the straight end of the wire through the hole punched in the filigree wing. Open the simple loop and pass it through a hole on the other end of the filigree wing, capturing the beads under the wing.

Repeat Steps 1 - 3 to create a second wing.
Figure 4a
Curve the straight end of the wire on one wing and thread it through a hole in the side of a bead cap. Curve the wire further so it points down from the top of the bead cap (figure 4a).

Repeat to connect the other wing to the bead cap, opposite the first wing.
Figure 4b

Using the third 4-inch length of bronze wire, create a wrapped loop on one end. String on one 10mm heishi, one 15mm purple acrylic round, and the top hole on the bead cap. Put all three wires through the corrugated round bead. Then wrap the center wire around the wires from the wings so they are joined together snugly (figure 4b). Pull all of your wires down flat so they are not crossing over each other.
Trace the outline of a 40x27mm filigree teardrop onto the leather scrap. Repeat, tracing a second outline on the leather. Cut both shapes from the leather and trim so they are flush with the side of the filigree teardrop.

Place five brads through the holes in a filigree teardrop so the head of the brad is on the front side of the filigree. Place the filigree onto your work surface with the back side of the teardrop and the ends of the brads facing up. Place one piece of leather on top of the teardrop, within the brads. Place the head and wings of the angel into position so the 8mm corrugated bead is at the top of the teardrop and the wires are spanning the center length of the teardrop.

Note: Trim the wires if they extend past the end of the teardrop.
Apply E-6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive onto the wires.

Note: Do not apply so much that the adhesive oozes out in assembly.
Place the second piece of leather on top of the wires.
Place a second filigree on top of the assembly, lining up the ends of the brads so they pass through corresponding holes.

Allow the adhesive to cure overnight then, using flush-cutters, trim the brads to 1/8 inch above the filigree. Using the round end of the ball peen hammer, strike the cut end of one brad so it flairs and covers the opening. Repeat striking each brad, riveting the assembly together.

Onto one eyepin, place a 4mm satin round bead, a 6mm corrugated round bead and a 4mm satin round bead. Finish the end with a simple loop to create a beaded connector. Repeat to create a total of 8. Onto one eyepin place one 8mm corrugated round bead. Finish the end with a simple loop to create an 8mm beaded connector. Repeat to create a total of 4.
Using jumprings, connect the following components to create half of the chain: half of the toggle clasp, 3-inch length of chain, 4mm beaded connector, 1-inch length of chain, 4mm beaded connector, 8mm bead connector, 4mm beaded connector, 8mm bead connector, 4mm beaded connector then the wrapped loop above the heishi on the angel.

Repeat to create the second half of the chain.

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