Bracelet with Shrinkable Plastic

My inspiration was my love of henna tattoo designs. Their detail and delicacy seem perfectly suited to many artistic media, so why not jewelry? With a complex pattern, I wanted to make the actual bracelet very simple. So that's what I did!
Sketch your desired 3-1/16 inch x 1-7/8 inch rectangular henna-style design onto paper.

Note: Once transferred to a shirnkable plastic sheet, rectangle will shrink to approximately 32mmx19.5mm after baking.
Lay a clear shrinkable plastic sheet over your design and trace it using regular and fine tip alcohol-based red permanent ink markers.

Repeat for a total of five rectangular designs on one plastic sheet.

Tip: When tracing, it is helpful to tape shrinkable plastic sheets to your pattern using repositionable double-sided tape.
Using scissors, cut out the rectangular designs.
Using a standard sized 1/4 inch paper hole punch, punch two holes on each end on three of the cutout rectangles.

Repeat to punch two holes on one end and one hole centered on the opposite end on the two remaining rectangles.

Tip: Create a hole punch template for accurate duplication of hole placement. Punch holes at least 2mm from edge to allow for shrinkage. Punching three holes on one end of template will help ensure center hole placement on three hole components.
Bake the shrinkable plastic rectangular designs in the toaster oven or conventional oven according to manufacturer's instructions.
Once the shrinkable plastic rectangles are cool, apply a coat of Mod Podge® Gloss-Lustré glue to seal the design. To prevent the design from smearing, apply the Mod Podge in a dabbing motion using an artist's brush.
Using chain-nose and flat-nose pliers, open eighteen 6mm round gold-plated jumprings and set aside.
Pass one 6mm round jumpring through one of the centered holes on one 3-hole shrinkable plastic rectangle and the loop on the ball portion of one gold-finished 8mm corrugated ball box clasp. Close the jumpring.
Pass one gold-plated 6mm round jumpring through the top hole at the opposite end of the first shrinkable plastic 3-hole rectangle and one gold-plated 4mm round jumpring. Close the jumpring.

Repeat to attach a second 6mm round jumpring to the top hole on a 4-hole shrinkable plastic rectangle and the 4mm round jumpring just added. Close the jumpring.

Tip: Attach rectangles in an alternating pattern.

Repeat to connect the top holes on the four remaining rectangles using triple jumprings, attaching the second 3-hole rectangle last.

Repeat to connect the bottom holes on the five rectangles.
Repeat Step 8 to attach the tab portion of the clasp to the centered hole on the fifth rectangle.

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