Wallet Chain with Leather

Using hole punch pliers punch five 1.25mm holes, starting from the left to right, starting 2-1/4 inch past the snap on the leather bracelet. Make another set of five 1.25mm holes 7/8 inch farther down the bracelet. These holes will be used to stitch the bracelet together.

Tip: You may want to make a template of the bracelet using paper to make sure your holes are where you want them. Then use a pencil to mark the leather bracelet before punching the holes.
Using a pair of scissors cut one 30-inch length of black Silkon® thread.
Bend the leather over a 20mm split ring and match up the punched holes.
Match up the ends of the two lengths of thread together and tie an overhand knot at the end of the threads. Pass the ends of the thread through the first hole on the first set of holes from the back of the bracelet until the thread is out the front of the hole. Pass the opposite end of the thread through the second set of holes attaching the top piece of leather to the bottom. Weave the thread back and forth from the top of the leather to the bottom through all five holes and back again to secure the split ring in place. Once secure, place the thread through the fifth hole and bring the thread out through the center of the leather pieces. Tie the thread in an overhand knot. Place a small amount of adhesive on the knots for added security (optional).
Using flush-cutters cut one 20-inch length of silver-plated brass 13x9mm cable chain.
Using split ring pliers, open the 20mm split ring and attach the first link on the 20-inch length of chain. Repeat to attach a 30mm split ring to the last link of the chain.

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