Pendant with PMC+™ (Precious Metal Clay)

Paint a thin layer of metal clay paste (Precious Metal Clay Slip) onto half of the surface of a bisque pendant or bead. Place onto a non-stick art sheet to allow the paste to dry. Repeat adding paste to the other half so you have one complete layer of paste covering the bisque component. Allow to dry completely.

Repeat Step 1 for a total of 7 layers.
Using scissors or punches, cut out shapes from the metal clay sheet.

To add words or phrases to the metal clay sheet, place a piece of the sheet onto a hard surface, such as a steel bench block. Place the stamp on the surface then press firmly. Cut out the phrase or words in the shape that suits your design.

Repeat to complete your phrase or word.
Using a paintbrush, apply a little bit of water to the surface of the component where the sheet will be placed. Place the metal clay sheet in the dampened area. Press carefully so the metal clay sheet is adhered. Add more water sparingly if needed so all the edges of the sheet are adhered to the surface of the component.

Allow the component to dry thoroughly.

Note: Metal clay sheet does not respond well to soaking, so use as little water as possible yet make sure there is contact between the two surfaces.
Place the component onto a kiln shelf then fire at full speed to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit. Hold the temperature for 2 hours then allow the kiln to cool to room temperature. Remove the component then brush the surface with polishing papers or steel brush for a satiny finish. Tumble polish for a shiny finish.

Optional: Apply liver of sulfur for a patinated effect.

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