Ring with Glitter, ICE Resin®, Gunmetal-Plated Pewter Spacers and Gold-Finished Brass Chain

Using scissors cut a paper 1-1/2 inch x 2-1/8 inch x 2-1/8 inch triangle template. Round the three points of the triangle. When you are happy with the shape of your template, trace the shape onto a 6x6-inch piece of jeweler's bronze metal sheet. Use the scissors to cut out the triangle. Use a file to remove any rough edges on the metal sheet.
Using flush-cutters, cut one 6-inch length of silver-colored aluminum 4mm flat wire and a 6-1/2 inch length of gold-finished brass 1.5mm ball chain.
Using flat-nose pliers fold the silver-colored aluminum 4mm flat wire 5/8 inch from one end approximately 70 degrees to make the left bottom corner of a triangle. Fold the wire 1-7/8 inch back in a "V" shape to make the top of the triangle. Fold the wire 1-7/8 inch from the top point to make the third angle on the triangle. Bring the two ends of the wire together in the center of the bottom to complete the triangle. Make sure the wire fits nicely on top of the metal sheet triangle leaving a 1mm lip around the edges. Attach the wire triangle to the metal sheet triangle (back plate) using Devcon Jeweler's 5-minute, 2-part epoxy. Glue the ball chain to the 45 degree angle between the wire triangle and the back plate with the epoxy, trim to size where the ends meet. This will create the bezel of the triangle.

Take care to fill all the gaps in the bezel setting using the epoxy. Apply the epoxy to the outer angle with a toothpick a small section at a time to make it manageable. Apply a generous amount to the inside to prevent leaks.

This will help ensure no leaks when the ICE Resin® is poured into the bezel. Set aside and allow epoxy to cure fully.
Mix equal parts of blue, purple and silver glitter.

Mix the ICE Resin per the manufacturer's instructions, add the glitter mix to the ICE Resin. Carefully pour the liquid with glitter into the bezel, trying not to disturb the parts you assembled. Pour until almost full. Let the liquid settle and see if you are happy with the height of the liquid. The liquid will spill over the edge, so be careful.

Tip: If you want a domed surface pour the liquid until the bezel is almost full then let it set for 5+ hours. Mix and pour a second layer of ICE Resin. Check the liquid for bubbles. Place a task light close to the bezel to help bring any bubbles to the surface. If any appear, use a toothpick to pop them as they reach the surface. This layer will not only create a domed look to the finished design but also offer a magnified view.

Let the bezel sit flat and undisturbed overnight.

If any liquid spilled over the edge, wait until the ICE Resin has cured and peel it off. You can use your fingernail, a fine-edged tool or craft knife--work carefully!
Using scissors cut a 10-inch length of 1mm clear Powercord®.
Pass one end of the Powercord through the first hole from the inside of the gunmetal-plated 13x12mm 2-strand open rectangle spacer. Pull the Powercord 5 inches out of the hole. Pass the second end through the second hole on the same side from the inside of the 13x12mm 2-strand open rectangle spacer.
String the first hole of twenty-four gunmetal-plated 11x3mm double-eye spacer bars onto the first strand of Powercord. Pass the second 5-inch cord through the second hole on the twenty-four 11x3mm double-eye spacer bars.
Pass the first Powercord through the first hole on the opposite side of the 13x12mm 2-strand open rectangle spacer from the outside to the inside to create a loop. Repeat to pass the second Powercord through the second hole on the spacer from the outside to the inside.
Pull the cords tight to create a nicely shaped loop with no slack along the sides of the ring. Tie the ends of the cords together in a surgeon's knot on the inside edge of the spacer link.
To attach the spacer link ring to the back of the bronze triangle, place a small amount of E6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive on the metal sheet where the spacer will sit. Press the spacer link into the adhesive on the metal sheet. Fill the spacer link with E6000. Use a wet finger to smooth out the adhesive. Set aside and allow adhesive to dry completely.

Allow 24 hours to completely set.

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