Pendant with Watch Components, Premo! Sculpey® Polymer Clay and Magic-Glos®

Cut a 2-inch length of 28-gauge craft wire.
Condition sections of the green, metallic copper and yellow polymer clay. This can be done by warming up smaller amounts in your hands by kneading or rolling the polymer clay.

  • It may be necessary to condition the polymer clay depending upon the brand used
  • Use the ''Blending Colors in Polymer'' chart by Donna Kato for more information.
  • Cleaning your hands between colors will help prevent the colors from transferring
Mix together a ball of clay with small amounts of the green, metallic copper and yellow polymer clays. The color of the blend can be changed by adding more of either of the colors.

Tip: The ball of clay should be equivalent to the size of a grape.
Roll and pinch to make an oval shape approximately 1-1/4 inches long. To create a separate body and tail section, pinch the clay about 3/4 inches down on the oval shape. The ''tail'' section should measure approximately 1/2 inch and the body should measure approximately 3/4 inches. Flatten the shape with gentle pressure.

Tip: Using a tool with a rounded edge, such as a paint-brush handle, can help make the indentation to separate the body from the tail.


Slice the ''tail'' section into two halves. Shape the tail section by pinching and making adjustments with your fingers.

  • The shape of the tail can vary depending upon personal preference; it can be adjusted by length and width
  • The fish will look like a little fish cracker

Eye and Goggles of the Fish

Using a dowel or wedge tool, make an indentation where the eye will go.

Using a mixture of the metallic copper and green polymer clays to get a darker metallic copper color, form a small round ball of clay approximately 1/4 inch in size then flatten the clay similarly to a pancake. Place the flattened clay over the hole.

Make another indentation in the same spot after the clay has been added.
String one garnet 3mm round bead onto one length of 28-gauge craft wire. Pull the ends of the wires together and then twist the wires together.

Trim any excess wire and then make a hook at the end of the wire.

Place the hook into the indentation created in Step 6.
Using a small mixture of the metallic copper and green polymer clay, form a small round ball of clay approximately 1/4 inch and then roll the clay into a ''snake'' shape.

Roll the ''snake'' to a length of approximately 3/16 inches and a width of 2 millimeters.

Flatten out the ''snake'' and press it to the left of the eye and up over the top side of the fish.
Repeat Step 8 and then press the second flattened ''snake'' to the right of the eye.

Tip: Steps 8 and 9 will create goggles for the fish.
Using the rounded and curved end of the clay carving tool, press a smile into the clay underneath the eye of the fish.


Using an awl, press lines into the back fins of the fish.

Tip: The amount and style of line can be modified to create more unique fish.
Make one round ball of clay approximately 5-8 millimeters in diameter and then roll it into a rice shape. Flatten the rice shape slightly to give it the ''fin'' shape.

Add lines to the fin shape similarly to Step 11.

Repeat to create a total of four fins.
Attach one fin to the bottom front side of the fish approximately 1/4 inch from the base of the tail.

Press the fin into the fish body.
Attach one fin to the top backside of the fish approximately 11/32 inches from the head of the fish. Continue to add a total of three fines adjacent to the previous fin toward the ''tail'' of the fish.

Press the fins into the fish body and into each other.
Apply a small amount of Poly Bonder™ to the back of one gear and place it in the area of your choice on the fish.

  • Gears can be added anywhere on the fish and in the pattern of your choice; two or three are ideal
  • Mica powder can be added to enhance the design
Place the fish on the baking rack into the pre-heated clay craft oven and bake according to manufacturer's instructions.
Add the fish to one 54x40mm round watch body.

Beginning in the center of the watch body apply Magic-Glos® top coat until it covers the body of the fish.

Cure according to manufacturer's instructions.
Add tiny to medium watch components and apply additional layers of Magic-Glos.

Add 1 - 4 mixed colors 3mm bicones.

Apply additional layers of Magic-Glos and cure according to manufacturer's instructions.

Tip: You may wish to leave out sections of the fish or the watch components.

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