Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Friendly Plastic®, Gold-Plated Brass Drops and Satin-Finished Nylon Cord


Friendly Plastic Focals

Using scissors cut small confetti like pieces from different color sheets of Friendly Plastic® in different shapes and sizes.

Tip: Scrap sticks were used for creating this design.
Place a gold-plated 41x31mm oval bezel drop and two 31x23mm gold-plated drops onto a Teflon® sheet. Using tweezers cover each bezel cup with the confetti pieces in random patterns.
Carefully move the Teflon sheet, with the bezels, onto the flat surface of a candle warmer or electric griddle and turn to a medium low heat setting. As the plastic pieces begin to soften and melt together, use a toothpick or beading awl to manipulate the plastic and fill any gaps in each drop.

Caution: Hot Friendly Plastic sticks and can burn unprotected fingers.

Tip: Never leave Friendly Plastic unattended on heat source. When melting Friendly Plastic, avoid temperatures that are set too high, as it can cause scorching and undesirable color changes.
Cut out a Friendly Plastic 18x18mm heart. Place the heart over the melted confetti, centered in the 41x31mm oval bail. Allow the heart to melt into the rest of the design.

Repeat to place a 17x17mm heart in the other two drops.
Once the hearts have melted into their designs, remove the Teflon sheet from the heat source and lay on a flat surface.
Roll a small piece of clay into a ball and place on a ceramic tile or other flat work surface. When the plastic drops have hardened, place the 41x31mm drop face up on the clay so it is level.

Apply a thin layer of Magic-Glos® top coat to the center of the bezel. Set the drop aside for approximately 10 minutes to settle.

Repeat to apply Magic-Glos to the other two drops.

If the Magic-Glos has beaded up or pulled away from the edges too much, apply another thin layer.
If necessary, quickly flash a low flame heat source over the top of each transparency piece to pop any bubbles that may occur. Cure according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Necklace Assembly

After the 41x31mm drop has cured, press the loop on the drop into a gold-plated pendant bail.

Pass the loop end on of one 5mm red satin-finished nylon cord through the bail.


Using a pair of chain-nose pliers open the loop on one kidney earwire. Pass the loop through the loop on one 31x23mm drop. Close the loop.

Repeat to create a second earring.

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