Bracelet with Czech Pressed Glass Spacers, Cultured Freshwater Pearls and Swarovski Crystal

Attaching The First Half of the Clasp Using a thread burner, cut a 3-yard length of FireLine®. Thread on the jumpring on one half of the clasp. Tie a surgeon's knot to secure the thread to the jumpring on the clasp. Thread a needle onto each end of FireLine. String a bicone onto one needle then pass the other needle through the same bicone, working in the same direction. Slide the bicone toward the clasp.
Stringing Bicones and the First Pyramid Bead Thread three bicones and two rocailles onto each needle. Pass one needle through one hole on a pyramid bead. Pass the other needle through the other end of the same hole, so it exits on the other side, opposite of the other needle. Pull the threads to tighten up the beads.
Adding Bicones and a Cultured Freshwater Pearl to the Side of the Pyramid Bead Thread onto one needle, one bicone, one rocaille, one pearl, one rocaille and one bicone. Pass the needle through the bead hole adjacent to where your needle exited, passing through to the other side of the pyramid bead.

Using the other needle, repeat, stringing the same pattern of beads then passing through the bead hole adjacent to where the needle exited and passing through the same hole as the other needle, and then exiting the other side of the pyramid bead.
Adding Beads to the Opposite Side of the Pyramid Bead and Stringing a Second Pyramid Bead String onto one needle, one rocaille, one bicone and one rocaille. Pass the needle through one hole of a new pyramid bead. Repeat using the other needle.
Continuing the Stringing Sequence to String the Bracelet Repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Continue repeating Steps 3 and 4 until you reach the length you like for your bracelet.

Note: The bracelet shown measures 8 inches; adjust the amount of pyramid beads you use in your design to create the best fit for you.
Finishing the Stringing Sequence After repeating Step 3 on the last pyramid bead, string onto one needle, one rocaille and three bicones. Repeat stringing the same beads on the other needle. Pass one needle through another bicone then pass the other needle through the same bicone. Tighten the beads up.
Attaching the Second Half of the Clasp Pass one needle through the jumpring on the other half of the clasp. Pass the other needle through the same jumpring working in the opposite direction. Form a surgeon's knot.

Apply a dab of PASCOFix then let the adhesive cure. Once cured, use a thread burner to trim the threads as close as possible.

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