Bracelet with Bone Embellishment and Leather Cord

Cut one 8-1/2 inch length of red 20mm leather cord.
Align the pin in a pair of 1.25mm leather hole punch pliers punch over the center of the length of cord then punch a hole.
Punch a hole approximately 3/4 x 3/4 inch from each corner on one end of the cord. Fold the end of the cord in half then use the previous holes to punch two more holes in the cord approximately 1/4 from the end of the cord.

Repeat to punch holes on the opposite end of the cord.
Place the center hole in one gold-finished 30x30mm fancy star focal over the hole in the center of the cord then insert a 5x5mm flower brad through both holes.

Place the leather cord rivet side down on a flat surface. String one 7mm flat round flower washer onto then trim the rivet to approximately 2mm above the washer. Hammer the brad flat against the washer securing the components in place.
Center a bone 23mm carved moon embellishment over the fancy star focal then press the points around the edge of the star over the moon embellishment creating a bezel.
String one portion of a slide lock clasp onto one end of the cord. Fold the end of the cord over lining up the holes then river the holes together securing the clasp. Repeat to attach the second portion of the clasp to the opposite end of the cord.

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