Bangle Bracelet with Lillypilly Copper Sheets and Copper-Finished Brass Micro Hardware

Place a wood bangle bracelet on the back side of a Lillypilly verde patina sheet then trace the outline of the inside and outside of the bracelet. (The entire bracelet will not fit on the sheet. End guide lines at the edge of the sheet.) Use Lindstrom® shears to cut out this sheet half of the bracelet. Mark the #1 on the back side of the sheet and the corresponding section of bracelet. (Section used to trace the guide lines. See Note below.)

Repeat using a Lillypilly copper flamed patina sheet to trace the second half of the bracelet. Mark corresponding halves of the sheet and bracelet with #2.

Repeat to create metal sheet halves for the other side of the bracelet (marking #3 and #4).

Note: This bracelet is hand carved and may vary slightly on each side. Diverging from this step may cause the bracelet and sheet halves to not match up.
Place the sheet halves for each side end-to-end, forming the shape of the bracelet. Verify the ends match up and trim any overlapping areas.
Follow manufacturer's instructions to glue each sheet half to its corresponding area on one side of the bracelet. Verify no sheet edges are overhanging the bracelet. If any sheet edges are visible, use a burnisher to gently smooth them over the bracelet edge.

Repeat to attach sheet halves to the opposite side of the bracelet.
Once the bracelet is cured completely, use a finger to lightly burnish the sheet surface each side of the bracelet.

Note: Using a tool to burnish could scratch the patina surface.
Apply Venture Tape® copper foil to the area around the edge and inner circle of bracelet. Then tin with solder.

Tip: See the resource section below for instructions on "Tinning Copper Foil."
Place the bracelet on a flat, non-stick surface and apply a thin bead (line) of Magic-Glos™ to the tinned border around one side of the bracelet to create a clear bezel. Cure according to manufacturer's instructions.
Mix ICE Resin® according to manufacturer's instructions. Apply a thin even layer of ICE Resin inside the bezel covering the surface of the patina sheets then allow resin to harden (approximately 6 - 12 hours). Repeat to apply additional layers to create a domed effect, making sure not to spill over the bezel (approximately 3 thin layers). Allow resin to cure completely according to manufacturer's instructions.

Repeat to seal the opposite side of the bracelet.

Note: Using Magic-Glos to seal the surface of the verde patina sheet pieces will cause a reaction and the Magic-Glos will separate from the bracelet.
Thread a micro nut screw approximately halfway up the screw. Repeat to attach a nut to a second screw.
Drill three holes, approximately 2mm apart, near one corner along one edge of the bracelet. Repeat on the opposite edge of the bracelet. Insert a small amount of Loctite® gel into the holes and screw in a micro screw into each hole. The screws with micro nuts attached will go in the center of each set of holes.

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