Multi-Strand Bracelet With Bone Beads And Color-Coated Leather Cord

Cut the following:
  • One 7-1/2 inch length off-white 1mm leather cord
  • Three 7-1/2 inch lengths off-white 2mm leather cord
  • Three 7-1/2 inch lengths dark green 2mm leather cord
  • Two 2-foot lengths Silkon® nylon thread
Match up the ends of each length of cord then wrap one length of thread around the ends of the gathered cords then secure with a whipping knot. Trim the ends even and trim excess thread.
String six antiqued brown graduated skulls onto the 1mm leather cord then repeat Step 2 to secure the opposite ends of the cords.
Mix Devcon® 5 Minute Epoxy according to manufacturer's instructions.

Apply epoxy to one bound end of the cords then insert it into on portion of the magnetic reef knot clasp. Repeat to attach second portion of the clasp then set aside for approximately five minutes to cure.

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