Bracelet with Kato Polyclay™, Swarovski® Crystals and Antiqued Brass-Plated Pewter Cord Ends

The thoughtful warmth and comfort of a Scottish Christmas lead many to travel to that region every year for holiday. Imagine being wrapped in a woolen tartan throw and enjoying a Christmas hamper beside a giant hearth and a glowing Yule log fire. If you can't travel to Scotland for the holidays, you can still enjoy a ''little plaid'' with this Celtic Christmas bracelet project strung together with tartan patterned polymer clay cane beads and a sparkling Swarovski Scottish terrier charm. Yule Tidings and Auld Lang Syne.
Jamie Smedley

Making a Tartan Cane

Condition two sections of each color of Kato Polyclay with a polymer clay roller, gradually reducing to the thinnest setting.

Place the red, green and blue sheets on a nonstick work surface then cut nine equal squares of each color. Separate three squares of each base color then create three color combinations of three squares of two colors.
Cut Rectangles from Clay

Slice Triangles in Half
Stack the six squares from one color combination then slice into small pieces. Reshape them into a rectangle then run it through the pasta machine on the thickest setting; fold and run through once more. Trim the edges of the rectangle then slice the sheet into six equal sections.

Stack the sections then press them into a square. Position the square so the side with short irregular stripes is facing up then cut the square diagonally. Place the resulting two triangles on edge side-by-side, stripes facing the same direction, then slice the triangle in half.

Position the resulting four triangles into a square shape with diagonal lines. Reduce the square to approximately 2x1/2 inches then trim the ends.

Repeat to create two more canes using the remaining two color combinations then cut each color combination cane half.
Form the three squares of each base color into approximately 1x1/2 inch canes then cover the outside of each with a piece of brown clay.
Arrange Canes into Nine Square Canes Arrange the canes into a nine square cane, with the red base color cane in one corner and stripes in the color combination canes facing the same direction.

Tip: the striping is subtle so place the canes carefully.

Create shallow guide lines in the center of each row of three canes around the edge of the tartan cane, creating two horizontal score lines and two vertical lines. Continue the lines around the sides and opposite end of the tartan cane.
Slice Through Vertical Guide Lines Slice through the vertical guide lines on opposite sides of the tartan cane, keeping the cuts as straight as possible throughout the cut. Insert a 1-1/2x1-1/2 inch sheet of white clay on each end then replace the cut off ends. Repeat to sandwich white clay on the other two sides then reduce the cane to approximately 1/2x1/2 inches.
Slice the cane into four equal sections then arrange the four canes together with each red corner facing the center. Then reduce the tartan cane to approximately 1/2x1/2 inches once more.

Making the Tartan Beads

Roll a piece of scrap clay to the thinnest setting on the polymer clay roller and lay flat on nonstick surface. Cut thin pieces of the tartan cane and lay them end-to-end in a 4x4 square. Gently roll over the surface to meld the edges of each slice. Trim around the edges of the tartan square then flip it over on the plastic with the back side facing up.
Create a Snake Take scrap clay and use the snake roller to create an approximately 10x1/2 inch snake. Lay the snake even with the edge of the tartan square and roll the tartan onto the snake. When the edge of the square reached the other side of the snake, trim and match the edges together over the snake. Give a final gentle roll to straighten and smooth the tartan snake.
Curve Each Tube Bead Cut the tartan snake into 1-1/8 inch segments then pierce the center of each with a bead pin. Roll the pin once inside the bead to slightly enlarge the holes then remove the bead pin and gently curve each tube bead.
To make the tartan pillow bead charm, take a scrap piece of clay about 6mm diameter and shape it into a puffed flat square then cut two thin slices from the tartan cane. Cut a 1-inch section from a headpin and fold in half then embed the ends into a corner of the puffed flat square clay. Sandwich the puffed square clay between the two thin tartan slices and squeeze the edges closed to form a tartan pillow bead charm.
Place the beads and charm on a facial tissue, to avoid shiny spots, and place in the pre-heated clay craft oven and bake according to manufacturer's instructions.

Grind to taper the ends of each tartan bead so that they accommodate the bead caps that will go on each end.

Apoxie® Sculpt Scottie Dog Charm

Draw an outline of a Scottie dog approximately 1-1/2x1-1/4 inches then tape a piece of plastic sheet over the top of the outline. Mix a walnut sized ball of Apoxie clay then roll a thin snake of Apoxie. Place the Apoxie over the outline then use pea sized balls to fill in the interior. Press the surface of the dog even with your fingers. Push the perimeter of the dog outline back into shape if it travels outside the lines.
Cut a 1-inch section of headpin and fold in half then embed the ends into the shoulder of the Scotty dog charm. (Make sure it is embedded well but not showing on the backside.) Working quickly, evenly apply jet flat backs, red Siam chatons (for the collar) and blue chatons (for the eyes) to the surface of the dog charm. Let the charm cure according to manufacturer's instructions.

Apply Inca gold Gilders Paste® to the back side of the Scottie dog charm, being careful to not get any on the edges or front.

Note: DO NOT USE MINERAL SPIRITS with your gilders paste on Apoxie sculpt!

Bracelet Assembly

Cut one 10-inch length of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire.
String onto the beading wire one crimp, one Accu-Guard™ wire protector and the loop on one portion of the toggle clasp. Pass the beading wire back through the crimp. Pull the beading wire so the crimp rests snug against the Accu-Guard leaving approximately 1/4 inch of beading wire on the end.

Crimp then trim the excess from the short end of the beading wire. Finish with a 4mm crimp cover.
String the following onto the beading wire:
  • One 11x9mm round tube cord end
  • One tartan bead
  • One 11x9mm round tube cord end
  • One 8x3mm beaded star
  • One emerald 8mm round
  • One 8x3mm beaded star
Repeat this sequence to string a total of three sets.
Continue to string one 11x9mm round tube cord end, one tartan bead and one 11x9mm round tube cord end. Repeat Step 15 using the second portion of the clasp to secure the strand.
String onto one 3-inch headpin one emerald 8mm round, one 8x3mm beaded star and one emerald 8mm round then form a wrapped loop.

Use one 8x6mm oval jumpring to attach the Scotty dog charm to the loop on the ring portion of the toggle clasp. Repeat to attach the emerald drop and the tartan pillow bead charm to the ring portion of the clasp.

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